ST9000 | Forward, reverse, stop – Which parameter and terminal assignment?

The frequency inverters ST9000 have the clamps DI1, DI2 and DI3 with which the inverter can be switched via control signals or simple switches in the forward and reverse operations. The inverter must first be set to F0.11 = 1 to accept the control signals from the terminal.

Terminal assignment and configuration in detail:

F0.11 = 1 (Control mode on terminals), F0.11 = 4 (terminal and keypad)
F7.17 = 0 (allows the forward and reverse operation)
F1.00 = 1 (Digital input DI1 – control command forward)
F1.01 = 2 (Digital input DI2 – control command reverse)
F1.02 = 8 (Digital input DI3 – control command stop)

The button for switching must be connected between DIx and COM .