ST500 | Whistling noises from the engine – What can I do?

If the motor makes whistling noises or tends to vibrate when using a frequency converter, this may be related to the carrier frequency of the converter.

Solution: Adapt the carrier frequency of the output current generation to the application of the motor. To do this, change parameter F0.18.

Alternative solution: Parameter FB.08 can be used to randomize the depth of the pulse width modulation, which can reduce EMC emissions and motor noise.

If parameter FB.08 = 0 , the random pulse width modulation is deactivated.

If parameter FB.08 is parameterized with a value between 1-10, the depth of the pulse width modulation changes, which can lead to different results.

Further details and a table with key data for the correct selection of the carrier frequency can be found in the operating instructions in the extended part. If these settings do not solve the problem, please contact the Sourcetronic support.