ST500 | Several motors on one frequency converter

Can several motors be operated on only one frequency inverter?

Yes, this is possible if the following rules are met:

  • The motors must have the same values (identical in construction)
  • The frequency inverter must be operated in V/F mode
  • The maximum total cable length specified in the corresponding user manual for the frequency inverter must not be exceeded
  • In all cases, an output filter is recommended which allows the maximum permissible motor cable length to be extended by 50%.
  • Each motor should be protected by its own thermal overload protection
  • The power of the frequency inverter should be selected based on the total motor current required by adding the rated current of all connected motors and selecting a frequency inverter with a sufficient rated output current capacity
  • The motors must be permanently connected to the inverter and must not be able to be started or stopped individually while the inverter is activated