ST500 | Operation with minimum frequency – What do I have to do?

Should the motor continue to run at a certain minimum frequency?

Set F0.23 (frequency lower limit) between 0 Hz and the set maximum frequency(F0.21).
In parameter F7.18 you set what happens if the target frequency falls below this frequency lower limit.
The options for this are:
F7.18 = 0: With this setting, the motor continues to run continuously at the set minimum frequency as long as the lower frequency limit is not reached. This is the value to be parameterised for the function desired here.

For the sake of completeness:
F7.18 = 1: The frequency inverter stops the motor and the controller enable.
F7.18 = 2: The motor is controlled with 0Hz and thus stopped as long as the frequency falls below the lower limit.

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