ST500 | Automatic start after power up – How does the inverter automatically start forward after power up?

The following settings must be parameterised so that the frequency inverter automatically goes into forward or reverse operation after being switched on again, e.g. after a power failure or a shutdown, without the RUN button having to be pressed:

Parameter for validity of control commands after switch-on:
F7.22 = 0 (inverter reacts to signals that are already present at the terminals before the switch-on sequence).

F1.35 = 00001 (DI1 active when terminal is open)

Other required parameters for using control terminal DI1 for forward operation are:

F1.00 = 1 (FWD assignment to DI1).
F0.11 = 1 or F0.11 = 4 (1 = inverter accepts control commands from terminal / 4 = inverter accepts control commands from keyboard, terminal and RS485)

For reverse operation, F1.00 = 2 (REV on DI1) must be set accordingly. However, this requires either
F1.01 = 0 (no function on terminal DI2)
F1.40 = 1 (functions can be parameterised on more than one real or virtual terminal)
since function 2 (REV) is already parameterised on DI2 at the factory.

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