First use – To what I have to pay attention?

After powering up the inverter for the first time, it is very important to program the motor paramters which can be found in the data sheet of the motor or on the motor itself.

Example for a nameplate which can be found on a 3-phase asynchronous motor:


Picture: Name plate

The required parameters can be found in the -F74- parameter group. The specific parameters are b01 to b04.

  • Rated voltage (b02): 230V (Delta-connectiuon) / 400V (Star-connection)
  • Rated frequency (b04):50Hz
  • Rated current (b01):3,98A (Dreieckschaltung) / 2,30A (Sternschaltung)
  • Nominal rotation speed (b03):1385 U/min