The MI1000e portable insulation tester is suitable to measure insulation resistances up to 200GΩ with test voltages of 500V or 1000V. Readings are performed through an easy to read analogue indicator. Many experienced technicians consider that insulation measurements are best performed with analogue insulation tester, because they get useful information from the pointer displacement during the measurement. The MI-1000e is therefore a true analogue, simple to use insulation resistance tester. To maximize the operator's safety, this equipment was made within a plastic cabinet of high breakdown strength. A light indicator warns when high voltages are present both in the tester and the device under test, and switches off automatically when the discharge process is complete. The insulation tester also comes with a GUARD terminal that removes the effects of parasitic resistances and surface currents. Due to its strong and lightweight cabinet, it is easy to carry, impact resistant and suitable to be used under severe weather conditions. Thus the insulation tester supplies very reliable and accurate measurements.

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