ST2689 Insulation Meter

The ST2689/ST2689A is a rapid and precise capacitance leakage current insulation resistance meter. The max. test speed of 18 times/second, good performance and the suitable price provide the user an optimal choice. The ST2689/ST2689A provides max. test voltage: 800v/500v, charge current: 0.5mA─500.0mA( if >100V, the max. power 50W can limit). It is mainly applied in capacitance leakage current, insulation resistance and aluminum electrolysis capacitance anode foil pressure test. Also it can be applied in the confirmation of annihilator, zener diode, neonbulb .etc and leakage current test. Standard Handler interface, stable and rapid test, to reach the sorting effect Standard RS 232 interface, optional GPIB interface, and general RS232 software are provided to meet the demand of connecting with computer and forming auto test system. The instrument can receive the SCPI command to guarantee the compatibility of communication software.

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