Relay Tester

They are constantly in search of a new convenient protection relay test for their safety tests. ST336i is a reliable protective relay testing system, which can be highly recommended for all applications and needs. Especially at high amplitude and equal power, this versatile protection relay test is exactly the right one. The portable tester is – with a weight of 8.8 kg – very small and light. Additionally, it has six power sources and also four voltages. All in all a very powerful protective relay tester for three-phase protection tests, tests of electromechanical relays and relays according to IEC61850.
For more extensive testing applications, as well as maintenance or commissioning in the range of IEC61850 the modular protective relay testing system STM-2 is first choice. The precise relay tester system is suitable for industrial and distributed manufactures, plus for medium and low voltage applications. With thirteen built-in shortcut keys, you will manage the required test applications in the twinkling of an eye. The modules, composed of operating unit, control unit, amplifier and power supply can be exchanged individually flexible. The relay tester, being similar in size as a notebook is developed for busy traveling test technicians and engineers.
Furthermore, Sourcetronic offers you a lot more reliable diagnostic solutions for electrical energy technology, such as Disturbance, static VAR compensator devices, universal calibrator, real-time amplifier, primary injection testing, and CT and PT tests. The protection test program including consulting, training and first class service directly in Germany makes it perfect for you.

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