Ohmmeter for minimal resistance

A ohmmeter is an instrument to precisely measure electric resistance. This usually determines the Ohm's resistance. The device can both show the resistivity of singular components and of electrical loads. For components, the practical GOOD/BAD comparative function can quickly distinguish a selection, so that inadequate specimens can be sorted out.

Sourcetronic offers a low-impedant ohmmeter equipped with four wire measurement technique and a high measuring current to meter the smallest resistances. Provided with a fully automatic range-selection, the ohmmeter is very easy to operate and well suited for both the labortory and operations in motor vehicle workshops as well as in the field of quality assessment. All 9 ranges of measurement can also be manually employed as desired. Moreover, our devices are equipped with extra features such as battery backup, password security and speakers, as well as an exceptionally brilliant, large display. Since you can easily view all results on the ohmmeter - even if you are looking at them from further back or from an angle - it is ideally suitable to function as a lab instrument or a micro-ohm meter in the automatic test system. Through the optional RS232C and GPIB interfaces, the device can easily be integrated in exisiting infrastructures while those make it possible to determine a selection of results. You can choose between steering the device through an external, internal or fuzzy trigger.

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