Handheld Multimeter

Digital multimeters are one of the most important measuring instruments in electronics. The high-quality MetraHit handheld multimeters from Gossen Metrawatt offer a wide range of measurement options in just one housing. The range of functions offers up to 26 different measurements, such as alternating and direct current as well as current measurements, resistance measurement, frequency, temperature and much more. The measuring range can be set automatically as well as automatically with the Auto-Range function. Also important is the TRMS AC and AC / DC function. TRMS is the bandwidth. With a basic accuracy of up to 0.05% and a 4 6/7 digit display, highly accurate measurements can be carried out.

Handheld multimeters are used everywhere

In use, MetraHit hand-held multimeters are used in many different areas electrical engineering, such as universities, colleges and schools, as well as in crafts. The standard infrared interface is used to exchange data and parameterize the data with the PC. With the CAT IV measuring category, the multimeter can be used in the category CAT III and allows measurements at the source of the low-voltage installation and within the building installation. The multimeters can be used in the CAT III range up to 1000V and in the CAT IV range up to 600V. A compact industrial housing with a robust support ensures easy handling.


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