Megohmmeter for resistance measurement in high voltage ranges

A megohmmeter is a high voltage insulation tester for measuring extremely high resistivity in the unit megaohm (MO), gigaohm (GO) and teraohm (TO). The term "Megohmmeter" is hence composed of the two words "mega" and "ohmmeter". The device finds application in the examination of insulations in electronic wires and line equipment, in distinguishing dissipation resistivity and electrostatic charges as well as in testing anti-static coatings and in many other areas.

Sourcetronic also offers the model MI-20KVe, a portable version of the high voltage megohmmeter. With its thoroughly tried and tested robust measurement technology, the device determines insulation resistances with a high voltage of 5 kV - 10 kV - 15 kV up to 20 kV and can be used for resistances up to 4.000.000 MO (4 TΩ). Particularly outstanding for its light construction, the outdoor megohmmeter is used for measurements on both overhead line and ground line systems in the medium voltage grid. Even tests on the edge of the circuit voltage system are possible with this device and thanks to its sturdy plastic housing you will achieve reliable results, while vibrations, heat exposure, sand and dust do not impact the measurements. For cleaning, an anti-static polish that does not affect the synthetic parts of the device is recommended.

With Sourcetronic's remote control software ST®Meter, the megohmmeter can be parameterized and telecommanded. The software is compatible with the following megohmmeter types: MD-5060 x/e and MD-5075 x/e and operates on WIN XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. The serial communication between PC and measuring device is enabled by a RS232 interface and the acquisition of data happens according to freely programmable time intervals. At the same time, the acquired data can also be shown in a time curve. That way, it is for example possible to visualize a cooling curve.

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