Insulation Tester

Isolation tester provides protection against electric shock

With the isolation tester you measure the isolation resistance in ohms. The isolation tester is suitable for testing pipes, cables and electrical systems for the protection of people to prevent from electric shock and to property damage caused by flowing leakage. With the isolation tester you can obtain through the isolation resistance measurement already clinched the condition of cables and wires. With this preventative measure, damage can be prevented.
The isolation tester comes for use in addition to the examination of existing systems and in new systems and conversions. Here, you also have to examine whether the electrical system is okay and the system is usable in practice. The rewinding of electric motors is a further application for the isolation tester.
Likewise, the equipment finds use in laboratories and in production, among other things, for type tests. For the test of high voltage power lines, there are also special isolation testers. Isolation testers for all these different application environments, are found in the Sourcetronic online shop.
Isolation testers achieve a test voltage of up to 3000 volts direct current (DC), for an insulation resistance measurement up to 1.5 Gohms. This allows a high voltage test up to 4 mA. The user-friendly instrument is also suitable for testing and maintenance of large machinery and equipment and switching equipment within low-voltage systems. The voltage ranges of our full electronic high voltage generator HA3881 are 500 V AC - 5,500 V AC and 500 V DC - 6000 V DC at a high voltage beyond 400 Hz and extremely low ripple. All voltages are programmable in this isolation tester in 10V steps.

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