ST130 230V

The frequency inverter of the ST130 series provides a uniform drive quality for electric motors and all available electric drives. The devices generate from a single-phase 230V input voltage a three-phase 230 V motor voltage, which can be adapted to any required amplitude and frequency. The following power models are available:

- The frequency inverter 2.2KW 230V ST130 with an output of 2.2 kW

All frequency inverters are professionally pre-configured and can be installed and running in no time thanks to easy and intuitive commissioning. Speed is set via the easy to use potentiometer and display of frequency, voltage, current, torque and PID is digital. Error messages will be displayed to the user in the event of any problem. Automatic detection of the motor parameters and the integrated protection concept also ensure comfortable and safe operation. The ST130 series is overload protected for up to a minute to 150 percent and 200 percent up to one second. The drives are enclosed in a compact, rugged housing suitable for the severe requirements found in industrial plants

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  1. Frequency Inverter ST130 2.2KW 230V
    Frequency Inverter ST130 2.2KW 230V
    • Only suitable for 3-phase motors
    • Power: 2.2 KW
    • Current: 7 A
    • Voltage 230V 1-phase/3-phase (mains/motor)
    • Digital- and analogue I/Os
    • Extended PID control
    • Overload ability: 1min. 150% / 2 sec. 180%
    • Automatically identification of motor parameters
    • Integrated protection concept
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